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Head (self portrait)

Why Make Art?

tony Madonia replied:

"..I could become crazy"

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What do you do after setting up your own website and posting those images for the world to discover your talent?  While waiting for that enlightened day, figure out the true art of the web - the art of communication.  Then strike up a dialogue with the only person who'll ever really understand what you do - another artist.
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Gehäuse  by Hanjo Schmidt

2018-04-26 01:12

Hello Hanjo,
Paul is doing a great job building the interview application nere on Artprocess, I think it will attract much attention if enough people get to know about it.
By the way your work is great. I'm watching the series Westworld at the moment about a playtown filled with humanoid simulacrums that guests get to abuse in any way they please. Whats interesting about it from a visual perspective is the emphasis on the human form and your paintings reminded me of similar preoccupations. There is something disturbingly intimate yet distant about them, I like the tension.
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Dream  by david byrne

2018-03-19 05:26

Ok for your first question, the link is an attempt to realize my dream location or place. My dream place pun!
Again you are hitting the right nails when you say I regard CGI as simply another tool to visualize concepts and it’s a very useful tool at that. I think traditional media artists are very slow or reluctant to embrace this new technology with openness. Its probably a mixture of sentimentality and fear of abandoning the old reliable of paint , stone, clay, print etc the plastic materials.
We live in a new world where the digital and concrete mix and the interaction between both is what’s interesting. Already digital painting which tries to emulate the effects of concrete materials has become a totally valid and interesting medium unto itself and is set to change radically especially with the onset of Virtual and augmented reality platforms.
I have increasingly tended to use digital mediums because I find the technology both interesting and convenient. Why bother dirtying your hands with pencil when you can use a digital one instead.
Increasingly artists are selling their work in the form of high quality prints of drawings and paintings rendered with traditional concrete materials. For me eliminating the concrete materials and working directly in digital paint simply seems to be more convenient and spontaneous.
Don’t get me wrong I think the smell and texture of traditional materials is beautiful and long may its use last but I just think its high time that CGI shuld be given the status and respect it too deserves as a valid for of visual expression in a very “Fine Art” kind of way.
And finally I have always been interested in the idea of a fine art object existing as a designed proposal minus the final stage of actually being realised . A kind of Plan for an artwork. That’s how this idea in the sketch above exists at least in my mind. I can produce sketches, detailed specs (cad drawings) and all other necessary information so anyone with the resources could produce the final installation. Part of my final degree show was made up of similar proposals.
Those same proposals still keep evolving in my mind, their lie quantum uncertainties that contain so much potential precisely because they haven’t yet collapsed into the state of actuality. :)
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ARDEHALI ART  by Mohammadali Ardehali

Languor  by Hillel Kagan

2018-03-15 00:16

Please, please, please make me one of the selected artists that you want to sell, I need the pocket money :)
On a more serious note I think it would do no harm to put a donate button on artprocess. I noticed this morning while reading about the demise of Stephen Hawking that even The Guardian Newspaper online has a donate button!
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Again Inside Out  by Kristina Lycke

2017-07-07 16:48

The painting has been finished in it's frame. I never bothered taking the canvas out of it, only to twist it upside down, yesterday. I dislike frames too but that's where it is and i guess it's the only part my husband likes : the frame ! At least it doesn't end up behind doors, that's where the canvas reside .... So the fact that it's franed and hanging on the wall makes it funky, he's the one ! .. [Goto..]

Studio Logs   Mohammadali Ardehali

Artexpo Spring Rome 2018   Angelo Ribezzi

Art Festival in Porto 2018   Angelo Ribezzi

Painting?   Kristina Lycke

In the bath (deeper)   Kristina Lycke

2018-01-24 12:23

.... Couldn't stand it .... [GoTo..]

Studio Log Comments   Mohammadali Ardehali

Reading   Kristina Lycke

2017-07-19 21:29

I don't really like though ...... I better leave it now, perhaps I'll try a "natura morta"  [GoTo..]

Painting?   Kristina Lycke

2017-06-15 13:16

Yes the direction of this painting is a delayed response to the intersection with them at the airport.
Visually they are very inspiring; Sir Nose, pussy cat, George . . . . . Also the exchange was stimulating “ you ain’t coming with us? “

I am sure music is in everybody’s art, it’s in our memory. You don't think so?
I am not a musician; I am a fan.

Do you wanna build a snowman   Kristina Lycke

2016-06-18 09:26

Thanks for the tip ..... But i still haven't got a title yet ..... Che ansia ....... [GoTo..]

4 canvases   JP Delaney

2016-04-30 11:11

A little bit like forgetting? [GoTo..]

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“I foollishly think that such things as the Faith, the Hope, the Love in the life are far more important than being any significant social figure, like an artist for instance.”
Art is indicative of faith in something useful.
Where there is art there is hope.
“Love in the life” ………….. isn’t art an expression of love.
Creative practice be it profound or trite is a fun activity, that’s why people do it, presumably.
And to hell with it, if fame is on your desire list, then go for  [GOTO..]

Am not able to upload my works  [GOTO..]

I don't think an artists should be removed from the site .I think the artist should have images that they remove from their page as the add more . They should be showing that they have a greater understanding of their own work by removing images. They should demonstrate that they have moved beyond some of their imagers , as they grow in their art process.
The craft of the work is what makes it great . Each dialogue with the world is always personal to the artist . The viewer will come   [GOTO..]

Of course my enthusiasm for Anthroposophy is based on practical experience of Steiner's ideas and new impulses.

I studied Art and Art Therapy in the UK at a Steiner college. I also lived in a village called Forest Row, which has put many of Steiner's ideas into practice. Forest Row has quite a few initiatives, some of which are: 2 biodynamic farms, the first waldorf school in the UK called Michael Hall and Organic architecture, to name just a few...

Having studied Art and Ther  [GOTO..]

Haha Flavius... nobody's come to this forum in the last 500 years! You risk awakening some old ghosts, like myself :o)

Yes I've heard of RS, but personally I tend to avoid any form of collective ideology, however exceptional it may be. Notwithstanding, the few followers of Steiner I've met were likeable, interesting, and smart young people. Two brilliant computer programmers I knew were Steiner advocates.

Rudolf himself probably has had many interesting things to say on Art,  [GOTO..]

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I agree that artist communities are difficult to maintain within current insane conditions. We work more than ever but can never get enough done. We breathe ominous disaster and nothing makes sense because it is so completely meta-stratified. The ‘art world’ has become so removed from majority reality that mainstream exhibitions don’t speak so much to me. I'm not sure what the problem is, but I personally sense an underlying desperation (because the artist population is burgeoning/übercompetitiv [GoTo]

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