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Roberta's portfolio
Exhibitions/Events Exhibitions
Group exhibitions
1999 "MENOTRENTA", Spazio Haiech, City Council of Milan, Sport-Giovani Area
2001 "Mostra d'Arte e Design",
Breda Museum, Padua
2002 "UNDER 35", Spazio Santabarbara, Milan
2002 "Festa di inizio", Spazio Santabarbara, Milan
2003 "UN LAVORO A REGOLA D'ARTE", organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan and supervised by Roberto Borghi
2004 "DIART", opening of the Permanent Collection of Contemporary Art of the Diocesan Collection in Trapani
2005 Heatherley's (School of Fine Art, Chelsea, London), Print Exhibition
2005 Seventh International Digital Art Exhibit, Cuba (category of "printing works")

2006 "Shaping spaces - shaping sounds, 2 different ways of making abstraction", Officine Sonore, Vercelli.

Solo exhibitions
1999 "La Nottola", Cultural Association, Turin
1999, Di Martino e Associati Cultural Association, Milan
Publications Catalogo Nuova Arte
Cairo Editore (Gruppo Mondadori)
Email Address roberta.lozzi[AT]
Nationality Italy
Date of birth 07.04.1972
Why make art?