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In the bath (deeper) log entry
Kristina Lycke
In the bath (deeper)
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23 January 2016 22:22:36 o'clock GMT
I give up, time to rotate.
JP Delaney
2016-01-24 11:49

Time to rotate... haha I know that well. I suppose it's an attempt to find a new way of looking at a piece that's already become too familiar, or a way to a lead that will get you out of that seeming impasse.
At any rate, by simply looking at the rotated image I believe that it's possible to see it in it's more technical sense of composition balance, tone, colour and light, and this might point out areas where further intervention is required. Sometimes the work takes off from there and the new rotated position becomes the final orientation upon completion... other times the rotation just goes on and on until something occurs that allows it's eventual resolution.

See all entries for this studio log