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02 March 2013 19:17:33 o'clock GMT
I received an email from ladies of the gallery stating that the show had been delayed until the 16th, instead of the 8th March.
A bit disappointed (as I'd been intent on having this ready for international women's day), I emailed them back saying at least it gives me more time to mull over the piece.
They then sent an interesting reply warning me that whatever I was preparing will be a GIFT TO THE GALLERY, and will not be returned (they figured I was in Ireland). I thanked them for the advance notice, but then said I was more used to deciding myself that *I* was the one to give a gift, and not someone else deciding that for me.
I added that I thought it was an exploitation of the artist, as all the artists I know cannot afford to donate their works when they're generally poor as church mice, and eagerly look to a show as an opportunity of selling.
I had been hoping to open a debate on the state of artists making art today, but needless to say, it opened instead the floodgates of acrimony, and they angrily withdrew their offer of a proposal that I make them a gift. Very considerate of them.
[An aside: why do I have this problem with women - a little criticism and instead of relishing a debate, they petulantly and infuriated scream I never want to see you ever again!]
Anyway enough of that. Here's a couple of photos of the current status. I've added a new layer of raw jute leaving the breasts exposed as the gesso'ed layer beneath (but they've gotten a bit splashed with the rabbitskin glue in the process). I then mixed a dusty pink oil paint thinking it'll give a feminine touch to the protruding wires, but I think instead they look like bloody spikes giving it a slightly gruesome aspect.
Let's see how it looks when it dries. I'll probably give the breasts a clean coating of gesso, and take it from there.
Maria Xagorari
2013-03-06 15:50

This is really a funny story... Some people have some nerve.... Good for you to answer what you did. By the way this thing about criticism, it is my experience that the difference between men and women is that while women respond with infuriated screaming, men respond with the most irrelevant, bitter, sexist comments that have nothing to do with the subject of the criticism whatsoever...
Well, there are exceptions of course. I tend to talk seriously only with them.

Now, the reason I am writing here is that, when I opened AP homepage today and saw this image, before I had the chance to read anything about it, I thought:
Uops... teats! Well done J.P.!

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