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Mariela's portfolio
Exhibitions/Events Soul exhsibition:

2002- Belgrade (SCG) exhibit in occasion praise for Yugoslav studend drow
2003- Herceg Novi (SCG),gallery SJY RAJDER
2003- Nis (SCG), graphics and drows in Univerzity of Nis
2003- Kraguevac (SCG) exhsibit for the Macedonian state holiday"Macedonian night",with presentation the macedonian movie " Before the rain"
2003- Skopje, KIC (Macedonia) Graphics
2004- Bitola (Macedonia)
2004 - Skopje,MKC exhibition of objekts
2005 - Cifte Amam, Skopje master the gree exhibition”Quo vadis Homine”-objekts and graphics

Group exhibitions:

2001-Belgrade, XI Biennial of Yugoslav student draw.
2002- Skopje ,student exhsibit at academy in occasion "Dragutin Avramovski Gute"
2002- Herceg Novi,Belgrade, Skopje (Macedonia),exhibition of the award winers of the XI Biennial of Yugoslav student draw.
2002- Veles (Macedonia),I International Biennial of miniature prints “graphic circle”.
2002- Viroinval (Belgium), XI International Biennial of miniature prints “ Pettit format”.
2002- Seul (South Korea) XII Exhibition of ASROPA members “Face in face”.
2002- Bulgaria Samokov internacional art kolony
2002- Viena (Austria), XIII Exhsibition of ASROPA members “ All of one”.
2002- Warshava (Polska), II International exsibit “ Cildren for pease”.
2002- Baja Mare, Maramures – florean museum – (Romania) international salon of miniature prints.
2002 - SIAB -internacional student exhsibit,Skopje, Macedonia
2002- Nis, IX Exhibit of mini prints at the gallery “Gallini”.
2002- Samokov,Borovec – Bulgaria The printing works on the balkans.:" tradicion of the balcans"
2002- Painting of small format.,KIC Skopje.
2003-International graphic triennial – Bitola, (Macedonia).
2004- International graphic biennial- miniature prints- Tetovo, (Macedonia).
2004- International triennal of mminiature prints – Veles (Macedonia).
2004- X International exhibition- miniature prints- Nis (SCG)
2004- Internacional graphic exhibition- Nis, Sofia…
2004- Group exhsibit,Zonta internacional, ARM , Skopje
2005- exhsibit in occasion 50 years municipality "Kisela Voda"
2005- group exhsibit" five on cube"
2006- MAIL ART- Nacional gallery of Skopje, Cifte Amam

2001- Prais XI Biennial of Yugoslav student draw.
Email Address mariela2001mk[AT]
Address Prvomajska 21/3/11,Skopje
Nationality Macedonia (former Yuguslavia)
Education2003 Degree by the academy of Fine Arts(graphic and graphic design)And also has post-graduated in the same Academy 2005
Date of birth 19.02.1980
Why make art?