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Hillel Kagan
About this artwork
Wrestlers in Foyer
oil on canvas
h.173cm w.183cm d.0cm
Dec 1988

Hillel's Description: These paintings were really about my late father who in the mid '30s had been an olympic style wrestler (or as he put it, he rassled).

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2006-05-11 05:00

Judging by the comments I've read of his son, I'm sure Mr. Kagan senior won his contests by making his opponent laugh first, taking them off their guard.
The grappling energy of your work show you've also followed the rassling line - in your painting.

2006-05-12 05:00

I don't know who this john-paul is but any more disparaging remarks about my dear old pa of blessed memory (had to resort to tickling opponents to win) and I'm coming over to sunny Italy to knock his feckin block off. I'm told "feck" is the proper Oirish pronunciation. Seriously Delaney I thank you for your comments. I've been having a lot of fun on your site and appreciate all the time, energy and money you've put into it so that you and I can have a bit of a giggle conversing. However, I seriously doubt that any of the other artists on site will ever join in the dialogue. I know artists and when it comes to conversation they're
practically mutes. It's no wonder the dealers hate us with such passion. Besides for the fact that it assuages their guilty, thieving consciences, in many ways we are a bunch of whining, egocentric malcontents who deserve nothing better than the few scraps they may throw us for a bottle or tube of paint. So good luck with the project and I'll keep trying to stir the pot.


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