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Hillel Kagan
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Photo Opportunity
oil on board
h.121cm w.121cm d.0cm
Jun 1992

Hillel's Description: What can one say.

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2006-05-10 05:00


2012-01-28 10:20

Well, I suppose the ensuing silence to your question is your answer. To me, this looks like Menachim Begin and Anwar Sadat or Hafez al-Assad (I remember his photo everywhere I went in Damascus many years ago, though I'm not sure he ever met with Begin) at some peace accord meeting photo opportunity as is the title of the work. I find it interesting in relation to your other suited figures who are instead bizarrely wrestling in middle-class domestic environments. I'm expecting these two to get up and do the same. Maybe your painting is to fix the moment that they've gotten this far, and not to go and blow it?

2012-01-28 23:29

Don't be supposin' so fast there young feller, I saw what you wrote but have been laid low with the flu and not up to responding. If I can bring myself to start painting again I'll start a new slog and although both of those thoughts fill me with dread I'll do it for you. I see you're still trying to get artists to talk and for the most part still failing, I admire your sporadic fortitude.
As for this painting the reference was the late Assad and King Hussein of Jordan. (Begin never sat with either of them, at least in the light of day). I always liked those photos of Arab leaders conferring in majestic halls and upholstered chairs.

2012-01-29 13:55

OK, so I got that completely wrong again. It's not even remotely about peace, and you probably had no intent of any political commentary.
Fat cats in chairs then.
Hope you recover soon from the 'flu, and signs of the coming Spring over there bring some cheer.
As for my failing attempts to communicate with artists, it does get ridiculous at times. I get fed up with the unchanging comments on the homepage, and decide to make a nuisance of myself. You're the only one left who'll put up with me - and even you'll get sense sooner or later!


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