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Hillel Kagan
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oil on canvas
h.76cm w.102cm d.0cm
Nov 1993

Hillel's Description: I was a pinball fanatic as a kid. I'd wait for the arcade to open to be the first kid in to see if any drunks left some free games on the machines.

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2007-03-21 19:41

Now you mention it, there is something of the pinball world in some of your work - swirling, pure color, and if the eye is the ball (I know I'm stretching it a bit here), lots of areas to move around about getting hits from the textures, areas of light and dark, a busy concentration of movement that's controlled by you, the player-painter.
You reckon it's a bit corny to use pinball as a metaphor for a painting? Hmm.. I'm sure if you told us a bit about what it was that attracted you to the game, we could delve into topics such as the artist's formative years - influences and discovery. (that could be quite a rich field of enquiry!)
Were you considering being an artist in those arcade years?

2007-03-22 16:15

A very astute observation Mr. Delaney there is indeed a relationship between the two activities and It's something I've given considerable thought to. As in painting I would have loved to be totally in control of the ball, at least that was my fantasy. As a kid I would constantly have this dream where I had devised a never miss system to beat my machine of choice.
But in actuality, as in painting (at least the kind I'm attracted to) there's luck and skill involved. Most of the time everything conspires against you but once in a while you can do no wrong. I still don't know why that is. When you're in one of those periods of grace which may last a day's work or so you're on top of the world and you think you'll never lose it. You've cracked the the system so to speak and the next day of course it's completely gone. It was all an illusion and you have to work despairingly until your next moment of grace. Of course I'm aware of a multitude of techniques and systems to bring off a painting successfully each and every time but I suppose it comes down to one's nature, a perfect never miss system strikes me as very boring and a bit of a gamble makes it so much more interesting.


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