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José García y Más
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Apocalypse I
Oil on canvas
h.200cm w.250cm d.0cm
Oct 2010

José's Description: Accusing war & exploitation: Every human being has the inherent right to life.

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JP Delaney

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2019-01-29 08:45

This image grabbed my attention and I felt the need to congratulate the artist on a well-executed work, that is, unfortunately, loaded with relevance regarding the state of our political world and yet bears witness to the humanity behind the news headline.
José´s painting remarkably depicts desolation using only a scene of gentleness - the struggling effort of the girl supporting her anxious younger brother and the approaching hand of assistance (presumably their mother). The barren plain and pink mountain range only add to the effect of silence and isolation. The courage enforced and driven by their desperate flight from the threat of death - when instead it should be just a simple painting of laughing children playing.
It´s also a large picture that I´m sure is visually very striking in real life. I hope it´s hung in a very public place now for I firmly believe we need to be reminded again and again of the message contained in this work concerning our deep responsibility to our fellow man.
Good job José.

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