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JP Delaney
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Little 8 (Piccole tette per dimenticare)
mixed materials
h.22cm w.22cm d.16cm
Jun 2013

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Kristina Lycke

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2014-08-12 15:33

Paul I love you work great , your sense of humour creeping in to your 3D work.

I particularly like the paintings that report on a social / political encounter with the world.

The work you have made are such substantial structures . It would be interesting for you and others to see you work in a public space so that you can see it yourself, and let people touch it, its very tactile.
You must be able to get a grant to show your work , Italy , Ireland or the EU ??

2014-08-12 19:30

Hello PK... the fact that you call me Paul tells me we knew each other many years past in Ireland, and the only PK Kelly that springs to mind is Patricia Kelly, artist and teacher extraordinaire, sister to my own dear art teacher, Jane, of my final year in school (with whom as a 17 year old I was hopelessly in love), and of course daughters of the great Mr. Kelly, master printer and generous sage in Drumcondra. Although I met him just a few times, and loved to spend those occasions in his printshop listening to his stories, one statement of his has always remained with me: as I was rushing out the door, he could see I was uncertain about setting out on the road of the artist, he stopped me to say... "Remember this, a labourer works with his hands, a craftsman works with his hands and his brain, but an artist works with his hands, and his brain, and his heart."

Ok apologies if you're not Patricia, but I seize on the opportunity to give credit to a wonderful family.

Many thanks for your kind comments. Here in Italy this stuff doesn't have the required style e.g. la bella figura - or the fine italianate taste, so it's simply laughed off. I'm not even allowed to bring it into my own house - my wife says keep that junk out of here! (haha). The cellar and garage are full to the ceilings with the stuff.

2014-08-12 20:05

Well done. GREAT to see you have survived . I do love your work .The Italian ,what do they know. Why would that stop you is it not the nature of the artist to rebel , to go against convention . There are other countries in the world . Temple Bar Gallery or the Project would love to show your work, if you could get someone to drive it over . The only problem would be getting it back .All you have to do is send in a proposal , the fact that you live in Italy is in your favour makes you and exotic . Why don't you use technology to record your work in some form , would that be slick enough for the Italians . You have to do what you have to do your not hungry enough . You could send images of youGet you use of language to go beyond the process .

You don't get kind comments its a fact you work is good .
Jane took down your address she may write to you I don't know . I have retired from teaching . I am glad , The school had become violent and I was glad to get out alive to be honest. I intend to have a studio built be the end of the year all going well . I have quite an amount or research done for my next body of work. My garage it too cold to work in , It has to be rebuilt .

2014-08-13 19:42

Haha... survived? That's it I suppose - about the most we can aspire to, survival after all these years. Nevertheless I agree with you. If one can still get up with that spark of an idea that this unwanted junk I'm doing is the best thing I can do, then as the man said, try again, fail again, fail better.

2014-08-13 22:30

Catherine called today.I showed her your work she said "God that's really good". she remembered you did you go to Pat's?
My parents are dead and the houses demolished .Even James Joyce couldn't keep them standing.
To get back to your work , you have to find a way to get it out That will be a challenge for you . Just one piece in a group show , or work smaller. I would like to know a bit about one of your pieces , the one above for example . Talk to me about it.

I am exploring the Magdalene Laundries, I did a course in local history to try and find out how a race of people could act the way they did .The problem seems to have been imported from Europe, I went to a play in the Gloucester street laundry , as the only one in the audience it was quite an experience being led through the life of a girl in those places.I still don't know what to do but I will get there.I have to give it more thought, it can be quite depressing getting into that space ,I do think it is an important thing to do .

2014-08-15 08:13

Patricia... Here's the background LINK to this one.

Your taking on the cold viciousness of religion in Ireland is certainly not going to be an easy project; yet a terribly important exercise to explore the reasons why a collective blind eye was turned to gross abuse in the community. I imagine a protracted history of disempowerment, the resulting fear of authority, and a deeply ingrained ambivalence towards punishment of the social deviant, being areas ripe for investigation.

2014-08-15 08:18

maybe your wife needs a bigger house

2014-08-15 08:30

Haha... I'll be leaving her this one all to herself in the very near future, and I'll be returning to a thatched cottage in Ireland, all by myself!

2014-08-15 08:32

well then!

2014-08-15 09:01

Check out the Helix Theatre, Dublin 11
They will allow you to show your work FREE of charge . The take a 15% commission on what you sell . If you sell nothing you pay nothing.As people don't drink .the opening will cost very little . Maybe 20 euro at most . You would have to pay for invitations, and a catalogue . You also have to hang your work. The exhibition would run for a month . Pick the right month NOT during the Summer. (2D work only I think )

2014-08-15 09:44

I get it . Read your comment about the piece . Materials??????? Concept???????? not doing it . Empty breasts. course fabrics . You went with the bra and forgot about the breasts . Wrong materials you should have stopped half way through .You rushed it at the end . Would be interesting to return to . Cotton, old sheets something soft domestic , that would cling to the shapes I don't know . Something maternal something sensual l something related , something even smaller . Any it's old work . You know what your doing.

2014-08-15 10:40

Hey Patricia... I love that critique.. I went with the bra and forgot about the breasts! That is funny, and probably spot-on. It would never have occurred to me, had you not pointed that out.
Looking at the image again leads me to wonder if it's saying keep away from these... it's a trap that will take 25 years and more to get free of. Haha! Anything but maternal and sensual. Then again, I'm back to dreaded Irish catholic guilt; one pay's 100 times over for that little pleasure. It's not worth it.
You go on to say there is no concept, nor reasoning for the choice of materials. It's been so long since I've been challenged like that - too many years working in isolation, comfortably making me lazy, I'm not prepared like I used to be to adequately answer those observations. The only thing I remember when starting the piece was I wanted a sort of tongue-in-cheek rendition, and a strong image. All a little bit too vague I know.
As to "You know what you're doing"? - Nah.. nope.

Coming back to your earlier comment on starting out again at the bottom. I'm much too old and cynical at this stage. That one does in one's early 20's with the youthful confidence to take on the world. If I were to start anything from the bottom at this point, it would be to open a gallery and work with people whose artwork I consider significant and important. One day maybe!

2014-08-15 12:36

Who me?.. bitter? I can't imagine where you get that idea!

2014-08-15 20:09

" too many years working in isolation, comfortably making me lazy, I'm not prepared like I used to be to adequately answer those observations. "

was someone twisting your arm?

2014-08-15 20:14

btw, that looks like a ver crusty and uncomfortable bra

2014-08-15 20:18

Maybe it's just me but My parents are dead and the houses demolished .Even James Joyce couldn't keep them standing.
is loaded and not the kind of thing one says casually like: the snot-green sea

2014-08-15 20:40

this needs an edit button for those who don't quite get it right the first time-- the "snot-green sea" is a reference from the first or second page of Joyces's Ulysses, as Mulligan was shaving and looking out from the top of the Martello Tower (called that, but really is not a tower as it is merely two stories high), but anyway, the thing about Joyce not being able to save your people is just odd, but I always liked the word picture of the "snot-green sea".

2014-08-16 21:35

You can see some of my work on my website if your interested .I will look out for new work from you soon . Some really good artist on this site .

2014-08-17 10:18

Take a look at the work of Lidia Palandino .

2014-08-17 10:18

Take a look at the work of Lidia Palandino .

2014-08-17 11:43

Found it!

I remember your colourful, contorted individuals.. only now they seem even more isolated and melancony. My favourites are the simpler what's going on in the head, "Shockwaves", "Second Thoughts", "Senseless", and "Undecided". They're all begging for 3-D versions, IMHO. What do you say to a brief detour into sculpture? Now that you're having prepared a (well-deserved) purpose-built studio, you'll have the luxury of space to walk around the pieces.

There's a large work without a title of a female nude blindfolded that has your lips. Once I saw that, I was sure the site was yours.

2015-04-25 16:40

It's been a while .Nothing new then .
A bit stick myself but that's ok.
Did G.C take any of your paintings , there should be resale rights on them .That person has died a while ago now .

2015-05-01 15:25

Hello PK... it's been ages since I've been back here. Today, first of May, is Workers Holiday in Italy, so instead of washing dishes I figured I'd use some of my free time to look through old artprocess. Regarding "nothing new" - although I have a couple of things on the go, they're not of much interest to me to merit documentation. The sole reason is an excuse to escape down to the dark hole of a garage that is the studio.
Actually I'm thinking more of wrapping up here in the coming months and returning to Ireland before year's end. BTW I'll be there during August and I'd love to arrange to meet up with you, if you're around.

GC died? I vaguely remember phoning him from Rome in the early 1990's. It was the last time I had any contact with him, the reason was to suggest that he finance a web-streaming live art project... haha! Very few had even a home computer then, so he quickly put the phone down. Before he did though, he said that he still hasn't paid me for a large painting of mine. I didn't even remember that he had it to be honest, but was glad it was in his hands as for sure it would have been dumped otherwise. Anyway nothing more was said on the subject.
I'm sorry to hear that he's passed away. He wasn't much older than me, and was a very enthusiastic art collector. Remember back in the 80's he had an original Keith Haring in his living room? And that was when Haring was still alive. Seems like a 100 years ago....

Anyway hope you're keeping well and painting!

2016-01-25 00:55

I don't think that GC was near the same age as you . I think he was much older .

So glad that to see that you are making something that makes some sense .
Great work you have made a breakthrough good for you , this is good work.
I have had a builder working on my house for the past 6 months I now have a studio . There is no heat in it but I will work in it in the summer . The builder is not finished . Sorry I missed you as I have not visited this site in quite .I didn't know that you were in Ireland . I would loved to have seen you . I got a notification that you had posted new work on this site that is why I have seen it .
This is a great site . Now that you are on a roll I will be waiting to see the next paintings . YOU ARE A PAINTER

2016-01-25 12:22

Hello PKK... sorry to disappoint you but that email notification you received from this site was in reference to a comment I made on Kristine Lycke's painting... let's see if this link to her painting works: LINK

And so, I'm still *NOT* a painter! :o)

I am back in Ireland however, and permanently this time. I arrived just over 3 weeks ago, at the very end of 2015. So slowly finding my feet - trying to patch the shack I'm living in (water leaking through the roof etc.). Let's arrange to meet shall we? You can email me directly at my own email address: jp[AT]


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